ABS Tourism, a division of Alternative Business Solutions (www.abs.ps) was established in June 2007 and provides a wide range of products and services for the tourism industry throughout Palestine. Our team of associates has over 30 years experience in tourism development and destination marketing and management. We posses the knowledge, experience, networks and affiliations throughout the sector enabling us to better service our clients and partners.


ABS Tourism provides a wide range of tourism related consulting services to a diverse range of clients. Our associates have worked and continue to work with various sector trade associations and unions, public sector stakeholders, international donor organization and various NGOs.

Furthermore, our services also range from providing macro level consulting services as well as micro based firm level assistance.



Ramallah, Palestine

Telephone : +970 2 297 1528

Fax : +970 2 297 3751

Mail : info@abs.ps

URL : http://www.abs.ps

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